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Taj Tashi, Thimphu

Artistically designed Luxury Hotel at the heart of Thimphu, capital city of Bhutan

Indulge in Serene Luxury at Taj Tashi

Nestled in the heart of this valley lies the magnificent Taj Tashi, the gateway to a magical land brimming with fascinating mythology. It is ideally situated for you to explore the kingdom’s spectacular monasteries, centuries-old street festivals, scenic mountain passes and pristine wilderness. The international airport is situated at Paro, an hour from Thimphu. Staying true to Bhutan’s ancient and alluring ways, Taj Tashi enchantingly blends Dzong architecture and modern design, and is adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals.

The 66 spacious rooms and suites overlook the exquisite mountains and township, and capture the essence of Bhutanese art and architecture. 2 restaurants, a tea lounge and a Bar focus on a different aspect of Bhutan’s vibrant Mahayana Buddhist culture. Unwind with a drink at Ara, the bar that gets its theme from the dramneyn, a Himalayan folk music instrument. Savour Bhutan's most popular dish, Ema Datshi, and other Bhutanese cuisine at Chig-Ja-Gye. Sip Suja, Bhutan's distinctive 'salted butter tea' at Rimps, the tea lounge, and sample delectable European or Bhutanese dishes at The Thongsel, the all-day-dining restaurant. Try Bhutan’s fiery cuisine, gaze at the mesmerising prayer wheels, explore the vibrant local markets, and relax with a special Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath at our Jiva Spa.

Highlights of stay at Taj Tashi

  • Experience holistic way of Bhutanese hospitality at the most serene hotel in Bhutan, in-house Buddhist temple along with prayer wheel, where you can be a part of the lighting of butter lamps is an offering of light to the deities and is one of the common means of increasing one’s merit.
  • Enjoy various cuisine Distinctive and authentic a typical Bhutanese themed- dinner to elevate our dining experience at in house Taj Tashi specialized restaurant.
  • Enjoy the most famous traditional mask dance followed especially Bhutanese dining experience privately organized for in house guest.
  • Witness the holistic rituals at Jiva Spa of Taj Tashi which includes hot stone bath therapies in various herb on traditional wood and stone.
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