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Festivals Of Bhutan

Experience the ancient Buddhist culture, traditional dance, spirituality and many more.

Be a part of rich form of the ancient tradition where the Bhutanese pass on values, mythology and spiritual beliefs through the dance of dramas

Bhutan is the most colourful and vibrant country in Himalayas, every region of Bhutan has a special and dedicated festival which show the religious and cultural heritage of the country. Festival in Bhutan is an occasion of celebrating life, praying to deity and getting blessing to have a meaning full life, it’s also an opportunity to get together and socialized with people around and also incoming one.

People they get dressed in colourful attire, local handmade jewellery, masks and traditional dances are key attraction of various festival in Bhutan. While the underlying purpose of festivals of Bhutan is spiritual, the dances are more often like plays where good triumphs over evil or depicts significant

Festivals are especially replicated about the life of Bhutan’s patron saint, Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche), they dance and customs are genuine manifestations of ancient religious traditions and one can privileged to witness the ancient culture, colourful people, ritual dance and much more.

Most popular Festivals of Bhutan

Paro Tshechu Festival Tours

Paro tsechu festival is one of the most popular and vibrant festival in Bhutan take place at paro Dzong, Bhutan’s picturesque town and gateway to Bhutan.

Festival is celebrated one in a year in the end of March or early of April totally depands on the budhist lunar calendar and its celebrated for 4-5 days in honor of great saint Guru Rinpoche who was also regarded as the Buddhist master of the 8th century. While witnessing this amazing festival celebration one can witness the cultural and heritage essense of ancient Bhutan. The rituals are performed by the monks and other people while covering their faces with colorful mask to perform the CHAM (the religious ritual dance) the sounds of trumpets, flute and other traditional music of the kingdom.

Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival

Jambay lhakhang drup festival held in jambae temple located at Bumthang distric Jakar, its one the 108 temples built by the Tibetan king songsen gampo in 7th century. The jamby lhakhan drup festival takes place in the late October or early November (depending on lunar calander) and the same last for 4 days to commemorate the temple’s establishment and to honor saint Guru Rinpoche who has also introduced Buddhism to the Kingdom.

Punakha Drubchen & Tsechu Festival

Punakha durbchen and tsechu festival are considered as the majestic festival of Bhutan, Punakha dubchen is one of the oldest and most renowned festival takes place in Punakha which is the formar capital of the kingdom of Bhutan. The festival held for three days of Drubchen before three days of Tsechu, its widely celebrated to commenmorate the victory of the country from tibetean dominants.

This two festival together reflects the spiritual richness of the Bhtanese people and its diverse culture.

Haa Summer Festivals

The most popular festival in Haa valleys is Haa summer festival which is widely celebrated in a special and lively atmosphere annualy in early July, haa summer festival offers you a chance to experience the vibrant, lively religious and cultural rituals.

During festival haa valley becomes very colourful and it attracts visitors from all across the world, one can easily witness the traditional sports archery, flute music and kayaking along with stunning Haa River.

Thimphu Tsechu Festival

Thimphu tsechu festival is similar to Paro tsechu festival and regarded as one of the grandes festival of Bhutan, widely celerbrated with enthusiasm and is an important religious events.

It takes place in capital city of Bhutan Thimphu and last for three days in honor of the great sain Guru Rinpoche (also known as Pdmasambhava), Thimphu tshechu is celebrated in atumn end of September month.

Thimphu tsechu festival is believed to remove all bad karma and bless the good luck to all the people who witness the festival and the sacred charm (ritual dance).

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