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The land of Happiness

An ideal place on planet to explore untouched natural beauty with rich heritage & culture

Bhutan - worlds only carbon negative country with 70% vegetation, let’s discover its unique culture, nature & heritage in local ways.

Kuzo-Zangpo La – Welcome to Bhutan

Bhutan popularly known as “Land of Happiness” because of a balanced life which is focused on GNP (Gross National Happiness), only country in the world which is covered with 70% green tropical forest and has been recognized as carbon negative country, a must to visit for any nature, culture and heritage lover to explore and travel length and breadth.

Bhutan also knows as “Druk yul” & “Land of the Thunder Dragon” by the local people, and year around travelling destination Bhutan is the most beautiful Himalayan country in the world.

It lies in the eastern Himalayan ranges between Indian Himalayas & Tibetean paltues, Bhutan being an all season tourist destination attracts visitors from all around the world to experience the regional diversity, rich and unique cultural heritage, flaura & fauns, snow caped mountains, some of the finest hikes and trek routes in Himalayas.

Bhutan is an standalone surviving Himalayan Buddhist kingdom its untouched valleys has enabled the tiny kingdom to preserve its cultural heritage, the architectural masterpiece of various dzong with its colourful paintings, colourful national dresses, various costumed dance festival, its various dzong has its own individual traditions and customs to discover too.

Bhutan has a rich eco biodiversity reserved, Bhutan is celebrated for its high peaks snowy mountains, finest peaks in the world’s yet to be climbed and preserved natural environment. It is home to various mountains species including Bengal tiger, snow leopard, red panda, mountain wolf, sloth and black bear few of them are rare and exotic species.

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Why to visit Bhutan – ideally should be for peace but reason could be more than 1000


Tiger Nest Monastery (Taktsang)

Go for world’s finest hike followed with scenic view all around ending till the iconing “Taktsan”- Best known as tiger nest monastery is the most famous monastery in Bhutan, its picturesque location on mountain cliff and infamous hiking routes attracts the whole world to visit this site as religious and adventure one.

Drugyel Dzong

A heritage site worth visiting while in Paro is Drugyel dzong or The Fortress of the Victorious Bhutanese. A 16km road passes up the valley to the ruins of this fortress-monastery.

Kichu Lakhang

One of Bhutan’s oldest surviving monasteries build by King songtse Gompo of Tibe in the year of 659. This beautiful religious architectural site stills keeps charm of 7tg century architectural designee of Bhutan.

The Folk Heritage Museum

A century old Bhutanese traditional farm house now converted into a Folk Heritage Museum is a perfect place to let you experience the rural culture of Bhutan.

Local Handicraft Markets

There are several handicraft shops in Thimphu offering various selections of hand-woven and crafted products. Visitors will find beautiful weaves in wool, silk, cotton and basketwork.

Traditional Hot Stone Bath

Hot Stone Baths are an ancient Bhutanese tradition and are a popular form of medicinal practice. The bath itself is made of local pine wood and the rocks that are used to heat the water are large river boulders.

Punakha Dzong

Standing at majestic bank of Pho Chhu River and Mo Chhu river, the Punakha Dzong was built in year 1637-38 and is the second oldest dzong in the Kingdom.

Valley Of Phobjika

The most picturesque valley valley of Phobjika is located at altitude of 3000m above sea level. It is a lush green valley and is flat without any large tree.

White Water Rafting

Famed for the confluences of the two mighty rivers and the scenic moutains of Punakha valley, white water rafting in Bhutan is gaining attention of traveler visiting punakha, the white water rafting with view of valley all around and dzong.

Colour Full Festivals

Bhutan is the most colourful and vibrant country in Himalayas, every region of Bhutan has a special and dedicated festival which show the religious and cultural heritage of the country.

Bhutan Factsheets

Travel advises – know before you go

How To Reach Bhutan

Bhutan is accessible by air from Delhi, Kolkata, Singapore, Thailand and Kathmandu by Druk air and Bhutan airlines, other surface road are well connected to board town of India.

Relegion & Culture

Bhutan is last Buddhist kingdom which follows Vajrayana Buddhism, which believe in highest level of enlighten, Buddhism is state religion followed by majority of people in Bhutan, few are follower of Hinduism.

National Sports

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and it’s widely celebrated among Bhutanese people and regarded as one of the oldest tradition in the kingdom.

Language In Bhutan

The official language in Bhutan is Dzongkha most of the Bhutanese speaks Dzongkha followed with Tshanglakha & Lhotshamkha which is mostly used in western & southern part of the country.

Local Currency In Bhutan

Local currency in bhutan is known as Ngultrum (NU), indian rupee currency are widely acceptable in Bhutan for day to day uses except INR 2000 & INR 500.

Climate And Temperature Of Bhutan

Bhutan is situated on mountains followed with huge plan areas, river, forest because of which the temperature in the region ranges from subtropical to arctic. Spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, and winter are the five seasons in Bhutan.

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