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Go for World famous hike to “Tiger Nest Monasteries”

Paro is the Gateway to the Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan, surrounded by picturesque Mt.Chumolhari Paro is home to some of the oldest monasteries and temples.Only international airport in the country with Rinpung Dzong is the place where famous “paro tsechu festival happiness every year.

Geographically it’s surrounded with green valley all around, covered in fertile rice fields and colorful town. Paro towns lies on the banks of the Paro Chhu meandering down the picturesque region.

Why visit Paro

(Things to do & see at Paro)

Paro Dzong

In 1644, the founder Zhadbrung ngwang namgyal build the mighty fortress in the year 1644, the dzong currently is a place for administrative and religious importance in Bhutan.

One of the biggest festival paro tsechu held at Paro dzong every year during (Mark, & April month, there will multiple religious rituals, dance performance and various colorful religious events take place.

The National Musuem

ISituated on the top of the hill above the paro Dzong an old watch tower commonaly known as Ta Dzong is a Nantional Museum of Bhutan.

Major attraction in national museum are various galleries on display which include various collection of thangkas, both ancient and modern, depicting Bhutan’s important saints and teachers, festival masks. Thre is separate heritage gallery that displays a collection of religious statues and early stone carvings.

The area around museum involves an approx. 4 km loop around secenic Dop Shari valley, one can enjoy spectacular Ugyen Pelri Palace that stands across a medieval bridge below the dzong.

Tiger Nest Monastery (Taktsang)

Best known as takstsang Monastery tiger nest is the most famous monastery in Bhutan, its picturesque location on mountain cliff and infamous hiking routes attracts the whole world to visit this site as religious and adventure one.

The monastery was built in 1692 to honor and worship the Guru Ringpoche. The hike up to the Tiger’s Nest is give-or-take a two-hour ascent and, the view from the top, is well worth the climb.

A beautiful drive of around 10 kms from paro will take you to the world famous Tiger’s nest monastery 1320m tall Bhutanese architectural wonder on mountain cliff.

The Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Monastery is the most travelled visiting points and the most desired one for any visitor travelling to paro among all the sightseeing point in Bhutan.

Nestled on hilltop of blue pine and rhododendrons, overlooking the Paro valley, the monastery has important religious significance to the Bhutanese.

Drugyel Dzong

A heritage site worth visiting while in Paro is Drugyel dzong or The Fortress of the Victorious Bhutanese. A 16km road passes up the valley to the ruins of this fortress-monastery

The Historic dzong was built in early 17th century by Shabdrung ngwang namgayal to commemorate his victory over the Tibetan invaders to Bhutan.

In year 1951 dzong was consumed by fire, despite of many calamity the Dzong still keeps in heritage charm and architectural beauty.

Tamchong Monastery

A Monastery to the 13th century saint Thangthong Gyalpo, also known as the architecture of bridges in Bhutan, Located river area on the Thimphu-Paro highway. The bridge is one of the few remaining of the many that Thangthong Gyalpo built during his tenure.

The swaying of the old iron bridge for most visitors can be quite an experience before getting to the monastery that is located on a ridge high up on rocky hills.

Dungtse Lhakhan

Known as most sacred temple built in the form of a Chorten in jantsa region paro, it is sarouned by Dpchari valley of Paro and is build by famous saint Thangtong Gyalpo. The Buddhist iconography depicted in the Chorten is considered a unique repository of the Drukpa Kagyu School.

Kichu Lakhang

One of Bhutan’s oldest surviving monasteries build by King songtse Gompo of Tibe in the year of 659. This beautiful relgius architectural site stills keeps charm of 7tg century architectural designee of Bhutan.

A must place to visit for Pilgrims circumambulate around the temple spinning its many prayer wheels, seeking blessings and offering prayers.

Kila Coemba

A meditation site built in 9th century located on the paro-haa valley highway, a buddisht religion school for around 50 nuns pursiing there buddist studies here. Its oldest and most famous nunneries in Bhutan.

Dzongdrakha Monastery

Dzongdrakha Goempa is popularly known as the mini Taktsang, monastery as it is built on a cliff face in the bonday vilalgen Paro. it is approximately about 30 minutes’ drive from Paro town. Located at an altitude of 2227 meters, the temple was built in the 16th century. It is one of the many places m Guru Rinpoche meditated in.

Chelela Pass

One of the highest passes in Bhutan at an elevation of 3,988 meters from ground level, it offers a panoramic view of the sacred jumulahari moutains and surrounding valleys of jichu drake, prayer flags all around and windy air on the passes are life time experience.

A perfect place for nature and adventure lover, chellal pass offers rare varies of various flora and fauna including different colour of roses.

Ha Valley

Ha valley is coovering an area of roughly 1706 sq. km, in the southwest of Paro, is known to be one of the smallest Dzongkhag in the country. This small region is one of the most beautiful and unexplored areas in the kingdom, adorned with pristine alpine forests and tranquil mountain peaks.

Haa valley remains one of the less visited areas in the country and retains the pure air, natural beauty, primeval forest. The wooded hills of Haa provide an ideal location for hiking and mountain biking.

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