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Festival Tour Of Bhutan

Witness the colourful dance, rituals & a vibrant inclusive culture of Bhutan.

Be a part of rich form of the ancient tradition where the Bhutanese pass on values, mythology and spiritual beliefs through the dance of drams

Bhutan is the most colourful and vibrant country in Himalayas, every region of Bhutan has a special and dedicated festival which show the religious and cultural heritage of the country. Festival in Bhutan is an occasion of celebrating life, praying to deity and getting blessing to have a meaning full life, it’s also an opportunity to get together and socialized with people around and also incoming one.

People they get dressed in colourful attire, local handmade jewellery, masks and traditional dances are key attraction of various festival in Bhutan. While the underlying purpose of festivals of Bhutan is spiritual, the dances are more often like plays where good triumphs over evil or depicts significant

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