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Eastern & Southern Bhutan

Visit famous town Mongar, Trashiyang, Tashi Ghang & Phutnosholing

High mountains, pristine forest & traditions

Eastern region of Bhutan is covered with mountains and pristine forests, if one wish to experience Bhutanese way of life which genuinely practiced in this region with cultural and traditional assent. There are many sacred Buddhist sites to be visited in the area.

Phuntosholing falls in southern Bhutan part which is a gateway to Bhutan for people travelling by road from Indian state of west Bengal.

This part is known as one of the world’s ten most important biodiversity hotspots. Its subtropical southern forests feature elephant, tiger, buffalo and deer whilst the high Himalayas have blue sheep, snow leopard & yak.

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Mongar lies at a distance of 141 kms from the Ura Valley and is locatred in eastern part of Bhutan.

Mongar a district capital is located at a height of 1,700 meter above sea level.

The infamous monger dzong was constructed in year 1953 and is contemporary modern designed compare to other olden dzongs in Bhutan. The simplicity of dzong is managed with traditional designed and Bhutanese touch, it has less art and paint work.

Trashi Yangtse

Trashi yangtse is administrative headquarter of Trashi yangtse district, its situated on the bank of river and surrounded by tropical biodiversity area of Bhutan.

A less visited area and its perfect place for adventure and nature lovers.

Trashi Gang

Located at an altitude of 1150 metre, trashi gang is the largest urban town in eastern Bhutan after the capital city, Thimphu.

The tashi Ghang dzong is the main attraction of the town, the Tashi Ghang Dzongs build in year 1659 serves as administrative headquartered of the region. Tashi ghang also known as “fortress of the auspicious mountains” by local people.


Major attraction of phuntosholing is its coloourful market, various government establishments designed in Bhutanese architect, Zengtho palri lhakhang, crocodile park and various indo-Bhutanese art shops.

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